My Favorite Parks. (Actors not green spaces.)


No, not this type of park, the Korean actor type of Park. As many of you know there are a lot of people with the surname of Park in S.Korea as it is one of the top three most common surnames in the country. Kim is in first place, Lee in second and Park in third. These three surnames belong to more than half the population, which of course means there’s a lot of Korean actors with the last name Park. They range in age from child actors to more senior ones.

One the left is Park Ji Bin and on the right Park Hyuk Kwon.

Image result for image Park Ji bin      Image result for image Park hyuk kwon

My favorites fall somewhere between those ages. My top 2 Parks are Park Bo Gum and Park Seo Joon, with Park Yoo Chun in third place. Other Parks to consider are Park Hae Jin and Park Min Woo, along with a few comedic and supporting actor Parks like Park Ki Woong and Park Jin Young, (JYP).

Image result for image Park bo gum

Park Bo Gum is a young actor, only 23 years old, who is enjoying tremendous success and popularity right now with his drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, but many of us have been enjoying his acting since his debut in 2011. He was in a couple of movies such as Blind, and Runway Cop, and the TV drama  Bridal Mask as well as others. But he first popped up on many peoples’ radar in Tomorrow’s Cantible where he caused some serious second lead syndrome among viewers.Since then he’s been in more movies and dramas, including Hello Monster and Reply 1988, as well as co-hosting on Music bank, and appearing on variety shows. He is also a popular endorser of products for big name companies such as Sony, K.Swiss, and Domino’s Pizza.

Image result for image Park bo gum domino's pizza

Couldn’t resist showing friends Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki together, whole lot of handsome going on right there.

Image result for image Park bo gum

Park Bo Gum has received lots of awards in his relatively short career, including Best Newcomer Awards, Best Supporting Actor, and others including an Asia Star Award. I agree he is deserving of these awards as he is a good actor, but for me I think it is his smile. He is a versatile and engaging actor and has a multitude of great facial expressions, but when he smiles he just lights up the screen and oftentimes makes me smile too. I hope to see him in many more leading roles.

Image result for image Park seo joon

Park Seo Joon has been around a little longer than Bo Gum and he also has has a nice smile. (Maybe there’s a trend in which actors I like? Probably.) Park Seo Joon is 28 years old and completed his mandatory military service before his debut in 2011 in a music video. He then got a part in Dream High 2 followed by Pots of Gold and then Witch’s Romance. He really came to the forefront and grabbed my  attention in Kill Me, Heal Me, and then I also enjoyed him in She Was Pretty.

Image result for image Park seo joon hwarang

I am very much looking forward to seeing him in the upcoming drama Hwarang, The Beginning, which is due to air in Dec. This drama also has Park Hyung Sik in the cast so double Parks.

Image result for image Park yoo chun

Park Yoo Chun may be the most famous Park of the three, in that he is not only an actor and a member of JYJ, he’s a former member of TVXQ an iconic Kpop group that had a huge fan base. He’s a good actor, but he often takes on roles that allow him to look glum or really serious, which to me does not necessarily suit him. I enjoyed him in Rooftop Prince, and Sungkyunkwon Scandal, but lost interest in Three Days and didn’t watch the later episodes. Still, his name on a drama ensures that I’ll at least watch for a few episodes.

Image result for jyj

He has won quite a few awards for his acting, even though many still see him as primarily a singer/songwriter. He has won trophies from SBS, MBC and KBS, the top 3 TV channels in Korea. He has traveled much of the world performing as part of JYJ in concerts and at fan meetings etc. JYJ is also known for its’ charitable giving and philanthropic endeavors.

Image result for image Park yoochun military

He is in the middle of his mandatory military service right now, and I hope there will be lots of drama offers for when he returns to acting.

Image result for image Park so dam


There are also multiple actresses with the surname of Park and I’d probably say that Park So Dam who is cute and engaging and is seeing success with Beautiful Mind and Cinderella and The Four Knights is worth watching. Also Park Ye Jin has to be a favorite, not necessarily for a specific acting role, but for Family Outing Season 1. As herself she was pretty amazing and I would have her on my team in any end of the world scenario.

Image result for image Park ye jin family outing cutting fish

Who is your favorite Park? Please let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day everyone.


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