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Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul.

In the heart of the nouveau riche area south of the Han River known as Gangnam-gu lies the peaceful oasis that is Bongeunsa Temple. Surrounded by the glitzy haunts of the fashionistas and Kpop idols, and across the street from COEX mall, it is… Continue Reading “Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul.”

KBS Studio Tour.

If you have a spare hour or so, a visit to the Korean Broadcasting System building in Yeouido, Seoul, is a good option for anyone who is into Kdramas, Korean variety shows, and any of the other content that is produced by KBS. From… Continue Reading “KBS Studio Tour.”

A Look At Hongdae.

Hongdae, a large area near Hongik University, is in many ways the pulsing heartbeat of the young and hopeful of Seoul. For the past few decades it has been where talented students, and others, have spilled out their ideas and designs in art, fashion,… Continue Reading “A Look At Hongdae.”

Seoul: Megacity.

I was going to write a post about Hongdae, a popular area of Seoul, when I realized that in trying to describe the size and variety of things to do, and particularly places to eat and drink, that most people wouldn’t understand Hongdae without… Continue Reading “Seoul: Megacity.”

Thank You.

A big thank you, and a huge hug to everyone who has taken the time to read one of my posts. My daughter helped me start this blog about 5 months ago as a way to keep me busy and my mind active. Plus… Continue Reading “Thank You.”

Neolttwigi: A Korean Seesaw Game.

Neolttwigi is a traditional Korean pastime for women and girls that usually happens around the holidays and during the winter months. It is often called a Korean seesaw, but it differs from the usual playground version in that the fulcrum, or pivot point, is… Continue Reading “Neolttwigi: A Korean Seesaw Game.”

Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Markets.

Seoul is a city that never seems to sleep, maybe because there’s just so much to do at night including shopping. Most people have heard of the Dongdaemun Open Market which doesn’t even open until 10pm and stays open until 5am, but Seoul also… Continue Reading “Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Markets.”

A Walk Down KStar Road.

Like most Kpop fans we had to make a quick trip to Gangnam while on our recent trip to Korea. Not only is it famous because of Psy’s song, but it is also because it has numerous entertainment companies, plus multiple restaurants and cafes… Continue Reading “A Walk Down KStar Road.”

SAUCE Tonkatsu Restaurant Gangnam: Review.

I read quite a few restaurant reviews and am always impressed and envious of how the authors manage to describe the flavors and tastes to such a degree that it makes me wonder if they all truly have that sensitive of a palate. I… Continue Reading “SAUCE Tonkatsu Restaurant Gangnam: Review.”

Paengi: Korean Spinning Tops.

Spinning tops were once popular all over the world and have a very long history. No one knows when or where the first ‘top’ was spun, but we do know that the ancient Egyptians spun tops. One hypothesis as to their invention is based… Continue Reading “Paengi: Korean Spinning Tops.”