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KPOP Night Out @SXSW. Part 3.

  The View From The Back. After seeing MFBTY I asked the fans around me if they would let me switch out with my friend who was about 8 rows back, as he is a huge fan of Hyolyn and of Red Velvet. They… Continue Reading “KPOP Night Out @SXSW. Part 3.”

KPOP Night Out At SXSW. Part 2.

  A View from the Front.   In part one I mentioned that I was at the K-POP Industry Party held before the show, which meant I was inside the venue before the doors opened, and therefore was able to get a center spot… Continue Reading “KPOP Night Out At SXSW. Part 2.”

Kpop Night Out @ SXWS. Part 1.

South by Southwest, SXWS, or South-by when speaking, is a music, film, and interactive media festival that also has conferences, panels, and gaming with lots of parties thrown in for good measure. Being held in Austin, Texas there’s also lots of great food, and of… Continue Reading “Kpop Night Out @ SXWS. Part 1.”

Pojangmacha: Better Known To Some As A Soju Tent.

In Korea Pojangmacha means ‘tented’ or ‘covered’ wagon/cart, so it actually means all the plastic and tarpaulin covered food carts, as well as what many of us call soju tents when they show up in Kdramas. The ones serving soju appear after it gets… Continue Reading “Pojangmacha: Better Known To Some As A Soju Tent.”

Foodie’s Delight: The Street Food Of Korea.

For travelers and tourists alike food has always been a large part of the travel experience, with great food being a huge draw to many, whether they stick to restaurants or adventurously explore the local street food. While in Korea we tried food in… Continue Reading “Foodie’s Delight: The Street Food Of Korea.”

Traditional Sledding In Korea.

  Many of us think of sledding as being downhill on snow, and this type of sledding is popular in Korea, however traditional sledding or ‘sseoulmae tagi‘ is something completely different. Korea is a land of mountains, at least 70% of the land area… Continue Reading “Traditional Sledding In Korea.”

Kimchi Pots: In Photos.

Kimchi, the national dish of Korea, dates back many centuries and basically is fermented vegetables seasoned with various herbs, spices, and other ingredients. This means that Kimchi comes in many more varieties than one might imagine, and that each household would need pots of… Continue Reading “Kimchi Pots: In Photos.”

The Birth Of Korean Cool. (Book Review.)

Many of us interested in the culture and history of S.Korea first look for books that are what some would call ‘quick reads’. We might have started out with a love of Korean Dramas, Kpop, or food, but then we quickly become intrigued by… Continue Reading “The Birth Of Korean Cool. (Book Review.)”

Yongyeon Pond: In Photos.

Jeju Island is well known for its stunning natural scenery being a World Heritage Site, and each year many foreign and domestic visitors head to the island for a vacation, or honeymoon in many cases. In the first 5 months of 2016 over 5… Continue Reading “Yongyeon Pond: In Photos.”

What’s Your Sign? Your Horoscope in Korea part 2.

 ( Updated for 2021, plus Part 1 can be found here. ) There are many websites online that will explain each year of the Chinese zodiac system, however some can be quite complex, so I’ve come up with simplified list for a few of… Continue Reading “What’s Your Sign? Your Horoscope in Korea part 2.”