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Chunghyeon Museum, At The Ancestral Home Of Ori Yi Won-ik.

There are many large and beautiful palaces and temples in Korea all of which are worth seeing. Hanok villages abound, and there are also Folk Villages where buildings from different eras and places are built, or collected, so that you can see how all… Continue Reading “Chunghyeon Museum, At The Ancestral Home Of Ori Yi Won-ik.”

Jokbal, A Korean Dish Of Pig’s Hocks.

  The journey from Texas to Seoul is long and tiring so on arriving our friend and owner of The Seoul House always takes us somewhere good for dinner. Food with friends is an important part of Korean life, and ‘have you eaten?’ is… Continue Reading “Jokbal, A Korean Dish Of Pig’s Hocks.”

Gwangmyeong Cave, South Korea.

  Gwangmyeong Cave, technically located within the Seoul Metropolitan area, is situated outside the Seoul green belt in Gwangmyeong. Although we travelled in a friend’s car you can get there using public transportation. The cheapest way would be by using the Seoul subway and… Continue Reading “Gwangmyeong Cave, South Korea.”

A Visit To The Show, (SBS Music Show.)

On October 17th I was lucky and managed to get tickets to a live recording of The Show, a Korean music show from SBS. Although not the most popular music show in Korea I was still pleased to be able to see some Kpop… Continue Reading “A Visit To The Show, (SBS Music Show.)”

The Horses Of Jeju.

There’s an incredible variety of horse breeds around the world, but the Jeju Island horse may be among the least known outside of its home. Jeju Island, off the southern tip of South Korea is one of the nine provinces that make up S.Korea,… Continue Reading “The Horses Of Jeju.”

Beolcho: A Korean Tradition Of Maintaining Ancestral Grave Mounds.

  Ancestral grave mounds can often be seen when traveling around Korea, from the large meticulously maintained royal tombs to the small ones spotted on hillsides in the distance. Even if you see an overgrown tomb it is highly unlikely that it is not… Continue Reading “Beolcho: A Korean Tradition Of Maintaining Ancestral Grave Mounds.”

Jolhon: A Korean Alternative to Divorce?

In Korea Jolhon is increasingly becoming an alternative to divorce for many long time married couples. Known as Sotzcon in Japan and first proposed in the 2004 book I Recommend Graduating From Marriage¬†by Yumiko Sugiyama the idea has since spread to Korea, with its… Continue Reading “Jolhon: A Korean Alternative to Divorce?”

Korea And The Silk Road.

When I was growing up I learned about the Silk Road in a very simplified way, as it being one special route that brought silk and other goods from China to the West, and Western goods to China. Since then however, historians have come… Continue Reading “Korea And The Silk Road.”

Looking For Cactus And Succulents In South Korea.

Looking online at sites such as Pinterest, and those catering to the latest in garden fashion both inside and outside the home, one can see the rising popularity of growing succulents. Brides now use them in bouquets, businesses have them as the plant of… Continue Reading “Looking For Cactus And Succulents In South Korea.”

Monsta X Beautiful In The USA: Chicago.

As some of you know I live in Texas and mostly go to the ‘local’ shows, if you can call a 5 1/2 hour drive local! But this time I had to travel further to see Monsta X, due to having already bought my… Continue Reading “Monsta X Beautiful In The USA: Chicago.”