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Gyeongju: Why You Should Visit On Your Next Trip To Korea.

I have to admit it took us three visits to Korea before we went to Gyeongju, a mistake I hope other visitors don’t make. Even then we compounded our mistake and tried to see everything in a day trip from Seoul. If a day… Continue Reading “Gyeongju: Why You Should Visit On Your Next Trip To Korea.”

Oil Tank Culture Park: In Photos.

Seoul has a number of wonderful places to visit that were once anything but wonderful; Seonyudo  Park was a water treatment plant, Haneul a landfill, and Seoullo 7017 an elevated highway. So it came as no surprise to me that an old petroleum storage… Continue Reading “Oil Tank Culture Park: In Photos.”

Haneul Park: In Photos.

Haneul Park, opened in 2002, is one of five parks that make up World Cup Park. The recently opened Oil Tank Culture Park could almost be considered a 6th as it is very close by. Haneul is probably the one favored by most people… Continue Reading “Haneul Park: In Photos.”

Hwaseong Fortress: In Photos.

A short train trip from Seoul to Suwon takes you to a couple of interesting places. The Folk Village and Hwaseong Fortress are the main reasons to visit, but there’s also a palace, traditional markets, and good food. The area is known for ‘galbi.’ … Continue Reading “Hwaseong Fortress: In Photos.”

Day Trip To Jeonju Part 3: In Photos.

In parts one and two I covered such Jeonju sites as Jeondong Cathedral, Pungnammun Gate, Omokdae, Imokdae, and the Gyeonggijeon Shrine all of which are in or near the general tourist area of Jeonju. Here I’ll be posting some photos of the Jeonju Hanok… Continue Reading “Day Trip To Jeonju Part 3: In Photos.”

Day Trip To Jeonju. Part 2, Gyeonggijeon Shrine: In Photos.

Jeonju is a wonderful place to visit with a lot of things to see and do. In part 1 Jeondong Cathedral, as well as Pungnammun Gate, Omokdae, and Imokdae are all mentioned. Part 2  covers Gyeonggijeon Shrine. Gyeonggijeon Shrine, which was built in 1410… Continue Reading “Day Trip To Jeonju. Part 2, Gyeonggijeon Shrine: In Photos.”

Day Trip to Jeonju. Part 1.

Most of Korea is accessible for day trips from Seoul if you get up early,  are going to a place that has a KTX station, and are prepared for a long day. We had an amazing day trip to Jeonju, but definitely plan to… Continue Reading “Day Trip to Jeonju. Part 1.”

Seoullo: In Photos.

Near the old Seoul Station, and right in the center of the city, you can find one of Seoul’s newest attractions. In some ways it began in 1970 when an overpass was built for a highway, but it has since been converted to a… Continue Reading “Seoullo: In Photos.”

Nighttime Cruise On The Han River.

Many of the major cities of the world have river cruises as one of the must do things for tourists when they visit, and the Han River cruise is one of the ‘top ten’ things to do in Seoul. We enjoyed our cruise, however,… Continue Reading “Nighttime Cruise On The Han River.”

Jeong-dong Culture Night.

Jeong-dong is neighborhood in the heart of Seoul. Situated near Seoul City Hall and a short walk from such diverse places as Cheonggye Plaza, Sungnyemun Gate, and Namdaemun Market, it itself is home to numerous places worth visiting. This is especially true if you… Continue Reading “Jeong-dong Culture Night.”