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Korean Tea.

Tea is technically made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis tree, but around the world the designation ‘tea’ often encompasses so much more. In Korea the word for tea, ‘cha’ can mean an infusion of almost anything, including the leaves of the camellia… Continue Reading “Korean Tea.”

The Stone Men of Jeju Island.

The Dol Hareubang, or stone grandfathers, are perhaps the most recognised symbol of Korea’s Jeju Island. We’ve seen them on Kdramas, variety shows, advertising campaigns, and stamps. Although they look like they’ve been around forever, it is thought that they originated in the mid… Continue Reading “The Stone Men of Jeju Island.”

Green Tea Waffles.

Korea could be described as the land of cafes, and the coffee culture is as intense and prolific as anywhere else in the world. I am quite sure there are more cafes per person in Seoul than anywhere else on earth. The choices of… Continue Reading “Green Tea Waffles.”

Spirit Garden.

On Korea’s Jeju Island there’s a small garden devoted to the ancient art of bunjae, known in the west by the Japanese name of bonsai. The garden began in 1963 when Seong Beomyeong bought a piece of wasteland and began the process of converting… Continue Reading “Spirit Garden.”


With BigBang being my favorite group it was obvious we would find their exhibition early in our trip. Not knowing how popular it would be I asked a Korean friend to get tickets for us, but surprisingly it wasn’t too crowded and tickets were… Continue Reading “BIGBANG10 THE EXHIBITION A TO Z”