Green Tea Waffles.

Korea could be described as the land of cafes, and the coffee culture is as intense and prolific as anywhere else in the world. I am quite sure there are more cafes per person in Seoul than anywhere else on earth. The choices of things to eat with your coffee, tea, or fruit ade are varied, but some things are so good you’ll come across versions of them fairly often. Green tea waffles were among my favorite tea time treats.

Now that I’m back home from my most recent trip I thought I’d see if I could come anywhere close to recreating those I enjoyed just a few short days ago.

I thought my biggest problem might be finding the green tea ice cream, but fortunately Haagen Dazs saved the day. I was also fortunate that I brought some green tea honey home with me. I cheated and used a pancake/waffle mix, but next time will make the waffles from scratch.

Instead of plain water I used cold green tea, although next time I’ll probably try matcha powder for a more intense color and flavor. Make your waffles and then put them on a nice plate, add green tea ice cream and vanilla ice cream to the plate, along with honey, syrup, whipped cream, and maybe fruit.

In Korea we basically cut the waffles into bite sized pieces and added as many toppings as could fit. At home I was lazy and piled everything on top, mushed it down and ate it. It wasn’t as good as in Korea, but it was still gosh darned tasty. I recommend it for a lazy Sunday type brunch, or anytime really.


Have a great day everyone.

Photo credits me and Elle Marzec. Please do not use without permission and accreditation.

5 Comments on “Green Tea Waffles.

    • I’ve been to Paris, Seattle, Vienna, Istanbul, and more, but nowhere I’ve been has even come close to Seoul for food in general and cafes in particular. You should go, Autumn with the Fall foliage is a perfect time.


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