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Geune Ttwigi: Korean Rope Swinging.

Photo by Robert at Picasa (2006-08-12-Andong) While watching our favorite sageuk (Korean Historical Dramas) we have no doubt seen, from time to time, the young women from good families swinging on tall rope swings. The ropes can be upwards of 20 feet long and… Continue Reading “Geune Ttwigi: Korean Rope Swinging.”

Alkkagi: A Korean Game.

Just like a lot of people I was first introduced to this game through Korean variety shows and dramas. Alkkaggi belongs to the shove family of games along with such games as Carooms, Shuffleboard, Shove Ha’penny, and Tabletop Curling, which use one object to… Continue Reading “Alkkagi: A Korean Game.”

Jegi Chagi: A Korean Hackysack/Shuttlecock Type Game.

Jegi Chagi is a traditional Korean game in the hackysack/shuttlecock family. It probably descended from Cuju, an ancient Chinese ball kicking game, which is also an ancestor game to Soccer. Cuju led to the Chinese game of Jianzi which was popular during the Han… Continue Reading “Jegi Chagi: A Korean Hackysack/Shuttlecock Type Game.”

Gonggi: Korean Jacks, or Fivestones.

Gonggi is an old, perhap ancient, Korean version of the game of Fivestones or Jacks. You can see by the photo above that there are many versions of this game. While we in the West tend to associate it with children it historically was… Continue Reading “Gonggi: Korean Jacks, or Fivestones.”

How to make Ddakji.

Ddakji, also spelled ttakji, is a traditional Korean game that has seen a revival due to its appearance on K variety shows such as Running Man. Ddakji is part of a family of games that include Milk Caps, Menko, Tazos, and POGs. In all… Continue Reading “How to make Ddakji.”

Happy 300th Running Man.

Running Man is a Korean variety show that is extremely popular not only in Korea, but around the globe. It is particularly popular in China and the rest of Asia, but with the advent of sites like YouTube, Drama Fever, and Viki, Running Man… Continue Reading “Happy 300th Running Man.”


Tuho is a traditional Korean game that came from China centuries ago where it was called Touhu or Pitch Pot. It was also played in Japan. The aim of the game is very simple, you must toss arrows into a special pot, although it… Continue Reading “Tuho.”

The game of Yut.

If you’ve ever watched any Kdramas, or Kvariety shows, you’ve probably seen games played from time to time. Playing and competing seem to be inherent in the nature of many Koreans. Play hard and to the best of one’s ability and take your losses… Continue Reading “The game of Yut.”