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A Look At Hongdae.

Hongdae, a large area near Hongik University, is in many ways the pulsing heartbeat of the young and hopeful of Seoul. For the past few decades it has been where talented students, and others, have spilled out their ideas and designs in art, fashion,… Continue Reading “A Look At Hongdae.”

Thank You.

A big thank you, and a huge hug to everyone who has taken the time to read one of my posts. My daughter helped me start this blog about 5 months ago as a way to keep me busy and my mind active. Plus… Continue Reading “Thank You.”

Neolttwigi: A Korean Seesaw Game.

Neolttwigi is a traditional Korean pastime for women and girls that usually happens around the holidays and during the winter months. It is often called a Korean seesaw, but it differs from the usual playground version in that the fulcrum, or pivot point, is… Continue Reading “Neolttwigi: A Korean Seesaw Game.”

Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Markets.

Seoul is a city that never seems to sleep, maybe because there’s just so much to do at night including shopping. Most people have heard of the Dongdaemun Open Market which doesn’t even open until 10pm and stays open until 5am, but Seoul also… Continue Reading “Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Markets.”

Paengi: Korean Spinning Tops.

Spinning tops were once popular all over the world and have a very long history. No one knows when or where the first ‘top’ was spun, but we do know that the ancient Egyptians spun tops. One hypothesis as to their invention is based… Continue Reading “Paengi: Korean Spinning Tops.”

Kai Bai Bo: aka Rock, Paper, Scissors.

As anyone who has watched Korean TV Variety Shows can tell you certain games show up time and time again. One of these, kai-bai-bo, literally scissors, paper, rock, is extremely popular as a ‘choosing’ or ‘starting’ game, meaning it is what you play to… Continue Reading “Kai Bai Bo: aka Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

Archery In Korea.

The practice of archery has a long tradition in Korea, and with the recent Gold Medal wins for both the Men’s and Women’s archery teams in the Rio Olympic Games I thought I would share a little about its history. This is the eighth… Continue Reading “Archery In Korea.”

Happy Anniversary Weekly Idol.

I don’t know how the 5th anniversary managed to slip my attention since Weekly Idol is, and has been for a long time, one of my favorite shows. (Actual anniversary was July 23rd.) With artists such as BTS, Girl’s Generation, SHINee, G.Dragon, Super Junior, AOA,… Continue Reading “Happy Anniversary Weekly Idol.”

The Humor In Mud: Idols and Celebrities At Play.

  Mud can be found in many places such as mudflats, river edges, rice paddies, fields and gardens after the rain, and anywhere where water and soil come together. Mud is cool and wet and slimy and it oozes and squishes and makes lovely… Continue Reading “The Humor In Mud: Idols and Celebrities At Play.”

Ssireum: Korean Style Wrestling.

Painting by Kim Hong Do. I was first introduced to Ssireum through Korean variety shows such as Running Man and Two Days One Night, and became somewhat intrigued with it. Although I’m not a particular fan of wrestling  Ssireum seemed to me to be… Continue Reading “Ssireum: Korean Style Wrestling.”