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Juryeonggu: A 14 Sided Die From The Golden Age Of Silla.

  During an archaeological dig in 1975 a 14 sided die was uncovered in a pleasure pond used by royalty of the Unified Silla Period. (about 668 to 935 AD.) The wooden die was unusual in that not only were the sides made up… Continue Reading “Juryeonggu: A 14 Sided Die From The Golden Age Of Silla.”

Korean Variety Show Games, part 4. (The Embarrassment Factor.)

There are many Korean variety show games that basically get their humor from the ’embarrassment factor’. This is an almost sure way to make people laugh and increase ratings. Whether or not you choose to play these games with your friends will perhaps depend… Continue Reading “Korean Variety Show Games, part 4. (The Embarrassment Factor.)”

Korean Variety Show Games, Part 3.

Once again I’m writing about more Korean games that you might have seen on Korean variety shows. To catch up on which games I’ve already discussed you can check out part 1, part 2, and individual posts on favorites such as Alkkagi, Ddakji, Jegi… Continue Reading “Korean Variety Show Games, Part 3.”

Horseback Archery In Korea: A Traditional Sport.

  Over the past couple of decades archery from the back of a horse has seen a revival as a sport and recreational activity. Countries all around the world, both those with and without a tradition of the practice, have started holding competitions and… Continue Reading “Horseback Archery In Korea: A Traditional Sport.”

Jokgu: A Korean Foot, Tennis/Volleyball Game.

  One of the most popular sports in Korea is called Jokgu, (Chukgu) which is relatively unknown in the West. Jokgu is pernaps played by more people than any other sport in Korea. This is partially because it is very popular on military bases… Continue Reading “Jokgu: A Korean Foot, Tennis/Volleyball Game.”

Korean Variety Show Games, Part 2.

  In Part 1 I talked about how games are often the backbone of many Korean Variety shows, with some games playing a recurring role. Running Man is the home of the name tag ¬†game to the point it has become synonymous with the… Continue Reading “Korean Variety Show Games, Part 2.”

Baduk, the Korean Game of Weiqi, or Go.

Like many people, the first time I ever heard people talk about this ancient game they called it Go and said it was Japanese, but that’s not quite true. Japan has had a huge influence on the game, but they did not invent it.… Continue Reading “Baduk, the Korean Game of Weiqi, or Go.”

Korean Variety Show Games, Part 1.

One of the things that many fans of Korean Variety Shows, such as Running Man, 2 Days 1 Night and Infinite Challenge, love are the games. Games, challenges, contests or whatever you want to call them make up a large part of these shows… Continue Reading “Korean Variety Show Games, Part 1.”

Yeon Nalligi: Korean Kite Flying, part 1.

China, Korea, and Japan each have a long history of flying kites and from time to time each one will assert that they invented the kite, however the most likely inventor seems to be China. China had all the ingredients on hand, silk for… Continue Reading “Yeon Nalligi: Korean Kite Flying, part 1.”

Omok: A Korean Game of Five Stones.

As with so many traditional games, Omok is known by different names, and often played with slightly different rules, in different countries. Many people may be familiar with it as Gomoku in Japan, or even as Gobang or Kakugo. It is usually played on… Continue Reading “Omok: A Korean Game of Five Stones.”