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A Farewell to Jonghyun.

It has been a rough few days in the Kpop world as the sad news of Kim Jonghyun’s death traveled through the interwebs and into our lives. Disbelief was probably the first reaction. How could it be true? It had to be a mistake,… Continue Reading “A Farewell to Jonghyun.”

Busan One Asia Festival: Opening Concert 2017. Part 2.

In part one I mainly spoke about the lead up to the actual groups performing, here you’ll find my thoughts on the main part of the concert. There was quite a bit of speaking throughout the evening by the MC Nam Goong Kim and… Continue Reading “Busan One Asia Festival: Opening Concert 2017. Part 2.”

Busan One Asia Festival: Opening Concert 2017. Part 1.

One of the many reasons to consider a trip to Korea in the Fall is the annual Busan One Asia Festival which is a large multi-day, multi-themed event with different activities all around the city. For Kpop fans it allows quite a few opportunities… Continue Reading “Busan One Asia Festival: Opening Concert 2017. Part 1.”

A Visit To The Show, (SBS Music Show.)

On October 17th I was lucky and managed to get tickets to a live recording of The Show, a Korean music show from SBS. Although not the most popular music show in Korea I was still pleased to be able to see some Kpop… Continue Reading “A Visit To The Show, (SBS Music Show.)”

Kpop Idols Who Were Athletes First.

  In a previous post I spoke about Korean actors who were athletes before they became famous, today I’m going to write about some Kpop idols were were known as athletes before they became idols. There are quite a few idols who showed great… Continue Reading “Kpop Idols Who Were Athletes First.”

Taeyang White Night Concert In Dallas.

  Texas has been really lucky this year with quite a few Kpop concert tours stopping in either Dallas or Houston. There has been everything from less popular groups like JJCC at small scale venues, to mega stars like G.Dragon performing at the arena… Continue Reading “Taeyang White Night Concert In Dallas.”

Should You Be Watching Kocowa?

       (This is an older post and it has lost some relevance due to the sudden and recent demise of Drama Fever, however much of the content is still relevant. In some ways Drama Fever was already on a downhill slide when I… Continue Reading “Should You Be Watching Kocowa?”

Seventeen Diamond Edge Concert In Dallas: Review.

  Dallas was once again fortunate to be chosen as a stop on a Kpop group’s American tour. Seventeen, a relatively young group, both in age and in years since debut, are extremely popular and have a large following in the US. Tickets sold… Continue Reading “Seventeen Diamond Edge Concert In Dallas: Review.”

JJCC The 1st Appearance In America: Review Of The Houston Show.

  It is hard to talk about the Kpop group JJCC without mentioning Jackie Chan of martial art’s fame. Mr Chan being a huge fan of Kpop decided a few years ago to form his own Kpop group. I have often wondered if this… Continue Reading “JJCC The 1st Appearance In America: Review Of The Houston Show.”

G.Dragon World Tour In Houston 2017.

The fact that world class star G. Dragon chose Houston as one of the stops for his American Tour both surprised me, and made me incredibly happy. I have seen GD perform once live at a KCon in LA, and then I saw Big… Continue Reading “G.Dragon World Tour In Houston 2017.”