A Farewell to Jonghyun.

It has been a rough few days in the Kpop world as the sad news of Kim Jonghyun’s death traveled through the interwebs and into our lives. Disbelief was probably the first reaction. How could it be true? It had to be a mistake, a cruel joke, or anything but real. But unfortunately it was the truth. He took his own life after he felt he had run out of the strength to fight anymore.

There are so many people mourning his loss that I don’t think I can express myself as well as most, but some things need to be said. He was an amazing person, both personally and professionally. He seemed to be full of life and laughter, even though we saw his sadness from time to time, I’m not sure anyone really saw his true inner struggles and despair. It has often been said that those who make us laugh, hide the deepest pain. (Think Robin Williams et al.)

He was thoughtful and all encompassing in his love for his fans and didn’t judge, rather he supported their differences and offered encouragement to many who needed to hear kindness rather that hate. He loved each member of SHINee as a brother, and we can almost know the sinking depths of his despair in his choice to leave them and his family behind.

There is so much I could write, but none of it will really make anything better so all I ask is that we take this as a wake up call and that each of us tries to make the world a better place. Words hurt, actions hurt, life hurts. We all hurt, but the human body and mind can only take so much hurting. So basically let’s just try and not hurt each other anymore. Let us think before we say something, or write something, or do something hurtful.

Remember Jonghyun, remember everything about him, mourn his death, celebrate his life and allow yourself time to grieve. We lost an idol, but also a man, a brother, son, friend, hero, and mentor. We lost someone who made us laugh, cry, and gave us happiness and joy with his voice and music. Someone who reached across the social media divide and gave each of us a piece of himself. I know I shall carry that small piece of him in my heart forever.

RIP Jonghyun. You did well.

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