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Rice: Feeding Half The World Every Day.

As my regular readers have no doubt noticed, I have started to think a lot more about the food I eat. We have so many food choices here in the west and I think sometimes we just buy ingredients and make or eat our… Continue Reading “Rice: Feeding Half The World Every Day.”

Gamja Jorim: A Braised Potato Side Dish.

Gamja Jorim is a Korean recipe for potatoes in a garlicky soy based sauce. It is quite easy to make and doesn’t take too much time to prepare. There are quite a few different variations online as to how it is made and I’m… Continue Reading “Gamja Jorim: A Braised Potato Side Dish.”

Sweet Stuff: A Trip to Tous Les Jour Bakery.

On a recent trip to Austin, TX. my daughter and I made a beeline to one of our favorite places to stock up on goodies for the 3 day weekend ahead of us. It was the French-Asian bakery Tous Les Jour. (I don’t have a… Continue Reading “Sweet Stuff: A Trip to Tous Les Jour Bakery.”

Seasoned Bean Sprouts.

Before I talk about the recipe I used I want to make sure that everyone knows the dangers of eating raw or undercooked beans. Beans contain something called Lectin which in some foods can be harmful. Different foods and even different beans contain different… Continue Reading “Seasoned Bean Sprouts.”

Open Sesame.

I think we’ve all heard that saying before without even giving a second thought as to why the thieves used it as the magic phrase to open the door to their lair. Well it turns out that the sesame seed that we use in… Continue Reading “Open Sesame.”

Too Many Zucchini…Time to make Kimchi.

Here in Texas we’ve been having an unusual amount of rain for the time of year, and this has led to an overabundance of zucchini, even though I only have 2 plants. Not being a huge fan of zucchini as a stand alone vegetable,… Continue Reading “Too Many Zucchini…Time to make Kimchi.”

Kimchi Fries.

It was a wet Mother’s Day in Austin, Texas and we were beginning to feel the bite of hunger gnawing at us. A quick check with Siri led us to Chi’lantro, a Korean fusion restaurant famous for its Kimchi Fries. Chi’lantro was originally a… Continue Reading “Kimchi Fries.”

A Korean Restaurant in Disguise.

While visiting the far northside of San Antonio we came across a restaurant called Sushi Express, hardly the name of a top notch Korean restaurant, but don’t be fooled by the name. Once inside there are two menus, one of which is for Korean… Continue Reading “A Korean Restaurant in Disguise.”