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Korean-Tex-Mex Fusion Food?

Fusion food has become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason. Sometimes the mix of food from two, or more, cultures can create a dish that is well worth eating. A couple of my favorite Korean ‘plus’ recipes are those that use… Continue Reading “Korean-Tex-Mex Fusion Food?”

Korean Salt.

Salt, a necessity for all living things, has been receiving somewhat of a bad reputation the past few years with admonishments for us all to eat less of it. And perhaps we do eat too much, particularly if we are consumers of processed food,… Continue Reading “Korean Salt.”

Korean Chicken And Potato Stew.

Even though it is hot here in Texas at this time of year, that is no excuse to not to eat hot and spicy food. Think of all the hot climate countries that specialize in heat and spice such as India, Thailand, Mexico, Korea,… Continue Reading “Korean Chicken And Potato Stew.”

Recipe: Soy Glazed Edamame.

This is a really quick and easy recipe that is perfect for when you don’t have enough banchan or namul for your Korean meal. I used half of a bag of frozen edamame that needed to be used up. I added some water to… Continue Reading “Recipe: Soy Glazed Edamame.”

Recipe: Kimchi Pancake.

Kimchi Jeon or Korean pancakes perhaps have more in common with dishes such as Bubble and Squeak, Frittata, or even savory crepes, than with the sweet breakfast pancakes found in America. They are savory, rather than sweet, and can often be cooked as a… Continue Reading “Recipe: Kimchi Pancake.”

Review: Austin Food Truck – Salsa & Kimchi.

On the way back from the Got7 concert in Dallas to my home in San Antonio I stopped by my daughter’s house in Austin. We have driven past the location of Salsa & Kimchi on E. Riverside Drive quite a few times but have… Continue Reading “Review: Austin Food Truck – Salsa & Kimchi.”

Dakjjim: Simmered, or Braised, Chicken and Vegetables.

Dakjjim, also sometimes Dak Chim, is a spicy chicken and vegetable dish from Korea. As with many traditional dishes there are many regional and family recipe variations. My recipe was influenced by recipes from the Institute of Traditional Korean Food and the Korean Table… Continue Reading “Dakjjim: Simmered, or Braised, Chicken and Vegetables.”

Recipe: A Make Ahead Cooking Sauce For Korean Cuisine.

Sometimes there’s a flavor or taste that appears in many recipes as an underlying layer that adds a typical ethnic slant to a dish. In many Asian dishes that taste is umani, the savory flavor that is present in many fermented foods. Soy sauce… Continue Reading “Recipe: A Make Ahead Cooking Sauce For Korean Cuisine.”

Cucumber Kimchi.

Kimchi is so much more than what most of us are familiar with, it is like cheese in a way in that with similar basic ingredients, and methods, many different cheeses can be produced. So it is with kimchi, there are almost 200 foundation… Continue Reading “Cucumber Kimchi.”

Recipe: An Easy Way To Make Japgok Bap.

Japgok bap is a multigrain+rice dish that is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are realizing the health benefits of whole grains and legumes. It is an ideal way to mix powerhouse carbohydrates and fiber into your daily diet. Japgok bap can… Continue Reading “Recipe: An Easy Way To Make Japgok Bap.”