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Fare thee well: Evol.

Each week I’ll mention a kpop group who, for one reason or another, are no longer together, some because really they weren’t good enough, others because of tragedy, internal bickering, or contract issues. Evol. Today we’ll remember Evol, a 5 member girl group under…

Feeling Krunk?

  My dog Badger modeling. The word Krunk, used for a line of souvenirs from YG Entertainment, has a lot of meanings depending on where you are. (Cool, drunk, to get started etc.) There are a few instances in kpop songs and MV’s where…

First blog post – Happy Birthday Daesung

My first post, and significantly it falls on Daesung’s birthday. In a round about way Daesung introduced me to Kpop through his participation in Family Outing, a Korean variety show which I began watching in 2009. I