Dreamcatcher Concert: Invitation From Nightmare City in Dallas USA.

As my regular readers know I’m more a fan of Kpop boy groups than the girl groups so I tend to go to more boy group concerts. However I’m very happy I decided to go see Dreamcatcher when they came to Dallas. The concert was promoted by My Music Taste and Studio PAV and so had some differences in the tickets and perks. I must mention that some fans were a little upset at some of the changes announced after the original ticket sales, but most of those I spoke with on the day were happy with the ticket benefits they received.


The ‘Over the Sky’ event was separate from the concert tickets and took place before the show and was limited to 80 fans. It was quite pricey and I thought twice before I actually bought a ticket. The 80 fans were allowed into the venue before the proper concert and had a mini ‘meet & greet’ in that the girls answered about 20 questions that had been sent in by fans beforehand. The questions were actually pretty good and the girls took their time answering them. Why giraffe and cockroach were two of the animals individual members would choose to be I still don’t fully understand!


The girls seemed relaxed, friendly and playful which showed up even more during the photo session. They made the audience laugh at their antics. After the photo op they did a mini sound check of 3 songs before saying goodbye and disappearing behind the backstage curtain. The fans were ushered back out into the cold to find their places in the actual concert lines.

IMG_20191211_201326_1 (1)

I was lucky and got front row, although very far off to one side, but at least I could lean on the barrier. My friends were dotted around and they have kindly allowed me to use a few of their photographs as mine are all angled from the side.

They started off with a bang with Fly High and Chase Me. (my friend’s fan cam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzlN3XOwBT4 ) and continued with a top notch performances for the rest of the evening. It didn’t seem to show too much that Chinese member Handong was absent from this tour.

They obviously sang all their hits such as Piri, Deja Vue etc and the audience appreciated everyone of them. In general the evening was a mix of songs and breaks in which the members would chat with the audience, allowing all of us a breather between sets. Some of the members seemed to be having a lot of fun joking around and being silly. They also ‘teased’ the audience with some suggestive moves and gestures which drew cheers of delight from the fans.

Yoohyeon spent much of the evening my side of the stage and so I got the most photographs of her. But the others stopped by from time to time.

They sang a few cover songs as soloists, duets or sub groups and I was particularly struck by Siyeon’s rock cover of EXO M’s Overdose.


(photo credit Sebastian)

But my favorite part of the evening was maybe the saga of Gahyeon’s struggles with her jacket. Although the weather was cold outside it was obviously hot on stage and towards the end of the concert Gahyeon started undoing the belt on her jacket and then the buttons. This took a little while and the other group members didn’t seem to notice at first when she performed with her jacket open. She looked so cute and much more comfortable.

(photo credits Sebastian.)

But then Yoohyeon noticed and started doing the buttons up, but got them wrong, and Gahyeon just stood like a doll waiting to be properly dressed. It was really quite a cute scene. It took two of them to finally get her dressed.

(photo credits Sebastian)

It was a long day for some of us fans, with the Over the Sky event and then the concert, and then after the concert there was the Hi Touch and group photo. I didn’t get back to my hotel until almost midnight, and I know of a couple of fans who had to drive back to their homes through the night to be at work the next morning. Other fans have followed the tour to each of the stops, traveling from California, to Illinois, Texas, Florida and then finally to New Jersey. Insomnias are some dedicated fans.


If you get a chance to see Dreamcatcher in concert I would recommend you go. Not quite your ‘normal’ Kpop group you can see/hear the rock and metal influences in their songs. They are also fun to watch.

A special shout out to all my Kpop friends, old and new. It was a great day and I’m glad to know you all.


Have a great day everyone.

Please do not copy and use without permission and accreditation,

All photo credits to original owners.


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    • The over the sky event was better than I expected, but it might depend a little on what questions the fans give the girls, we had some really good questions which made them stop and think. The photo op was amazing, and with your own phone camera so it is really yours.

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