The Unique Faces Of Kpop: Part 2.

In Part OneI highlighted ten Kpop idols who stood out to me as having ‘unique’ faces. The kind of face that stands out, the one you immediately notice even when in a group setting. The word unique can mean, ‘being the only one of its kind’, ‘unlike anything else’, but it can also be used in the sense of ‘special’, ‘notable’, ‘unusual’, and ‘exceptional’, which expands on the definition and allows far more idols to fall within the category of ‘unique’. After reading Part One quite a few people commented on the idols I had not mentioned who they felt fell within those definitions. So here in Part Two I have included some of those suggestions.

D.O. from the group EXO can be said to have many unique faces. He has one of those wonderfully mobile faces that changes to suit his mood. This has also helped him become an award winning actor as well as a Kpop idol. He can go from drop dead gorgeous, to goofy and funny in a heartbeat.

He has a whole range of unique faces including some downright scary ones. If you have not yet watched Hello Monster and seen his portrayal of a psychopath you really need to see it asap. It can help you understand why sometimes his members ‘pretend’ to be scared of him. He also has an amazing resting bitch face, and you know from part one how much I love those.

The members of EXO sometimes pick on D.O. just to see his reactions and I can somewhat see why they do that. His face is so wonderfully expressive it is a joy to watch him. There are some great videos on Youtube to enable you to watch D.O. in ‘action’. Right now D.O. is in the military doing his mandatory service and I can’t wait for him to return to us.


Another unique face from EXO would be Xiumin. Although non of the photos seem to really capture his face and the cheeky glances that he gives his fellow EXO members, he definitely has a face that attracts attention.

He has wonderfully expressive eyes and a big goofy, gummy smile. Like D.O. he too is serving his time in the military.


Ateez can be said to made up of idols with unique faces and personalities, but for today I’ll choose Hongjoong. As the leader he is pretty much always aware of the camera and his own looks and he knows how to use both.

He is also not afraid of makeup and uses it to his advantage. These are good traits for a leader as he knows the power of attraction on popularity. And Ateez definitely has that. They have done remarkably well for a group that is only just over a year old. They are one of my favorite ‘young’ groups and if you ever get a chance to see them perform live you should definitely do so. I’m betting you’ll find it difficult to choose who is the most unique within the group.


Monsta X is another group with more than their fair share of unique faces.  I mentioned Hyungwon in Part One as I especially love all of his facial expressions particularly his resting bitch face. Another member with a unique face is Wonho.

Wonho at times can be classically handsome and then at other times I can hardly recognize him as the same person. He has one of the most genuine smiles in Kpop when he is happy, and he also seems genuine in all aspects of his personality. He can be super charismatic and powerful one moment and the next he is an adorable, giggling goofball. During these moments it is great watching his face change as his emotions do. I also love idols with good ‘eye smiles’.

Let me just say Wonho will always be a part of Monsta X for me, and so I’m including him as such here.


I’m not sure anyone would think of adding Minho from SHINee to this grouping as he is possibly the most handsome man in Kpop, in that his features seem to fit together perfectly. But in a way that does in fact make him unique because perfection is indeed rare. Oddly though he isn’t my bias in Kpop or even in SHINee because I kinda like the quirks and oddities of many other idol’s faces. But I can still appreciate him.

He also looks perfect in his military uniform. Just think about it, in a grouping of Kpop idols the first face that would probably jump out at you would be that of Choi Min Ho.



Vernon from Seventeen was suggested to me as an idol to add to Part Two, and indeed I do think his look is unique in the world of Kpop. However, being of mixed parentage that is perhaps to be expected. Nevertheless he does stand out and draws attention for his blunt jaw and wide smile.


YG has its fair share of idols with unique faces, perhaps too many to list, but a reader mentioned Junhoe from iKon so I’m including him here. He does have a unique face in the world of Kpop, but with no disrespected intended he’s not my cup of tea. His face is relatively static as if he focuses too much on how he looks. Or maybe he is just aloof, I don’t know. He was better in his more unguarded moments on ‘Its Dangerous Beyond The Blankets’  when he wasn’t seeking attention.


Felix, from Stray Kids was another reader’s suggestion and he does indeed have a face that stands out, but in his case it is in more of a cute, mischievous, imp like way. He too has an expressive and mobile face, with multiple expression flitting across his face from low key to super intense.252140348007212

He also has a super cute smile, and ‘eye smiles’ so he does draw my attention, as I’m sure many of you can understand.

So who did I miss this time?

Have a great day everyone.

Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation. All photo credits go to original owners.

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7 Comments on “The Unique Faces Of Kpop: Part 2.

  1. Great topic! For me Lucas from NCT stands out. Perhaps because he is half Chinese & half Thai. His facial features are very interesting. For example he has big bright eyes which are even more expressive when he’s excited. His ears are big – to some big ears are goofy. And he has big lips. But they all work for him nit only is he handsome but he has that friendly look as well.


    • I agree, I almost added him but don’t know if it is really fair to add too many non Koreans, because of course they are going to look ‘unique.’ Maybe I need a post on foreign idols?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I never even thought of that! Maybe that would be a good post. I often find myself interested in non-Korean idols (as it interests me about the diversity of a k-pop group).

        For example, looking at (G)I-dle, half of them are not Korean. And GOT7 has 3 out of 7 members also not Korean.

        TXT’s maknae is half Korean and half Caucasian (American/Hawaiian if I’m not mistaken). He was another one I was thinking about – his looks really are unique as he is half Caucasian. He’s cute and at this moment, he looks like a baby so it’s hard to be objective since he looks so young (and is so young). I predict his ‘exotic’ look will evolve as he ages into his early to mid 20’s.


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