The Botanic Garden In Seoul Grand Park: In Photos.

The Botanic Garden, inside the grounds of the zoo at Seoul Grand Park, isn’t very large, but it is very well worth a visit if you enjoy plants. They have permanent displays in the large greenhouse as well as an area for changing exhibits. There’s also some small outside gardens as well. Obviously there are seasonal changes with the plants outside.


When you first enter the greenhouse you are directed to follow a one way route through the displays starting with the Desert room which was full of cactus and succulents.


24993102_10210671787421374_708517494131296225_n         25151913_10210671789221419_5745973992701051866_n

Although not terribly large it was jam packed with a decent selection of plants.  With the extreme cold of Korean winters it was nice to see how healthy some of the plants looked. Unfortunately there were some signs of scale on some of the cactus.


The tropical area was next, with all the lush greenery that you would expect.


It also had a few areas where you could just sit and enjoy the atmosphere, and breathe in all that healthy air. Koreans believe in forest ‘bathing’ which is getting out into nature to relieve stress. Usually done in on forest paths, you may even see people walking barefoot on specially created ‘forest bathing’ trails,  it also can sometimes be seen wherever there are large collections of plants.

Once through the tropical area we came to the room that holds the somewhat temporary collections.  In 2015 when we visited it was an amazing display of orchids.


11157498_10204118399910782_660747097720410319_o  11150455_10204117962819855_8496279653216770065_n  11150890_10204117962299842_3836556455793716490_n

In 2017 it was a small room full of carnivorous plants which was really interesting.

24993308_10210671801021714_6280429845702111159_n     24899751_10210671802341747_3265880604616006180_n

There were quite a few I hadn’t seen before

.25151929_10210671806101841_5291799162887258865_n     24852214_10210671804061790_4434032358294293670_n

Or wouldn’t have recognized as being carnivorous, as well as ones I was familiar with.

And harking back to the ‘forest bathing’ we can only assume someone tried to do that here!


The greenhouse is a pleasant place to stroll around to view a nice variety of plants, so make sure to visit it when you visit Seoul Grand Park.


We do sometimes find it amusing however, that sometimes when we travel we see plants that are weeds where we live, but are treasured collectible specimens in other parts of the world.

Have a great day everyone.

You may also enjoy Spirit Garden,    Haneul Park,  and  Yeomiji Botanic Garden.

Please do not copy or use without permission and accreditation. All photo credits to Elizabeth and Debora Marzec.


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  1. The botanical gardens I’ve been to were always just green. This one is so colorful! Lovely.


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